What is it?

This block allows you add clickable headings that slide open additional text information.

Sample Question 1

Sample Question 2

The example above is set to toggle. That means you can open and close each question independently.

Sample Question 1

Sample Question 2

The second example is set to accordion. When you click a question to open it, if another question is already open, it will be closed. In effect you can only open a single question at any time.

What can you use it for?

This block is ideal for creating Frequently Asked Questions sections on your pages.

It really comes into its own when you need to include content in a page that you don’t expect everyone to want to read. Using the Accordion/Toggle lets you include all the information, while taking up minimum space.

Things you need to know

To ensure design consistency, you cannot edit the style of individual parts of the block. Styling changes affect all the entries added to the block.

Got a suggestion?

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