What is it?

An Anchor block is used to create navigation within a single page. In most cases, navigation links are used to navigate to new pages.

An Anchor block allows us to create points in a page and navigate to them.

Scroll to Anchor block

Above is a Trigger block that has been set up to scroll the page to an anchor.

The name anchor comes from an HTML tag. Put simply though, an anchor is a point in a page where you want to scroll to.

As an example, click the Trigger above and you’ll see the page scroll automatically.

This is an example heading

You should see that the page scrolled so that the example heading above is placed at the top of the window.

That happened because there is an Anchor block placed in the page directly above the heading.

You can place as many Anchor blocks as you need in a page, but ensure they all have a unique name

What can you use it for?

As covered already, this is designed to let you create navigation in a single page.

There are various reasons you may want to do this.

Perhaps to to quickly direct different types of readers to the content that is most relevant to them.

You could also have multiple triggers link to a single anchor so that you only need to create a piece of content once.

Things you need to know

This is quite a simple block with no special information to be aware of.

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