What is it?

An Box block is a multi-purpose container that can help you structure pages.

At its simplest, you can use a Box as a container to wrap other blocks. This can speed up your workflow as you can duplicate a Box to recreate part of your page.

An Example Box

Some text just to complete the example box.

An Example Box

Some text just to complete the example box.

Immediately above you can see a box on the left containing a Heading, Image and Paragraph block.

On the right is a duplicate of the Box, but with styling applied. This shows how a Box can be a simple container to help build pages. However, it can also be used to style parts of your pages.

Additionally, you can use Box blocks to show and hide content when a Countdown block has expired.

What can you use it for?

You can use the box to add backgrounds and drop shadows to parts of a page.

However, left unstyled, it can be a useful container. If you want to reuse a number of blocks in different parts of the page, you only need to duplicate the box once in order to make a copy of all the contents.

Things you need to know

This is quite a simple block with no special information to be aware of.

Got a suggestion?

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