What is it?

The Concierge block allows you to display different content using different versions of page URLS.

For example, imagine I’ve run an advert or have pinned an image to appeal to dog owners. In order to be consistent, the first piece of content contains the same photo of a dog from the ad or pin.

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However, obviously not everyone is dog people. So perhaps I also have ads or pins that include a cat image to appeal to the cat lovers.

The problem is, when they arrive on this page, they’re confronted with a dog photo. A bit of disconnect from what they clicked on.

Of course, you could create a new page specially for the cat lovers. The Concierge block, though, allows you to use the same page, but tailor part or parts of the content for different users.

Consider the following URL – You’ll notice it’s the same URL of the page you’re viewing now, but with some extra parameters at the end.

Now click this URL, and you’ll see when the page loads again, you’re viewing a different Concierge block.

This means you can build pages just once, but tailor them for different campaigns and users.

What can you use it for?

However you’re driving traffic to your pages, it’s important that the source and the landing page are consistent in design. Concierge blocks allow you to ensure the design of the landing page is consistent with the source the traffic came from.

Things you need to know

You can set a default block to display if there are no URL parameters in the URL.

Got a suggestion?

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