Smart Section

What is it?

The Smart Section block is a container for other content, but it also allows you to style parts of the page.

They should only be used on full width pages where they can fill the full width of the page. While you can set various core blocks to full width, a Smart Section allows you specify a maximum width for the content.

Additionally, you can configure a Smart Section to show or hide depending on date and time.

What can you use it for?

Smart Section blocks are a near essential building block for putting together good looking pages.

Use them to group other blocks together, but also to style parts of your pages to give visual differentiation.

The option to show or hide a Smart Section based on date and time makes them ideally suited for use in a PLF style funnel where content is dripped out over the launch period.

Things you need to know

While you can place a Smart Section inside another Smart Section block, you should really use Box blocks inside Smart Sections.

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