Smart Countdown

What is it?

The Smart Countdown block lets you start a countdown when a visitor first lands on a page.

This can be used to build the sense of urgency to complete an action.

If your site has WooCommerce installed, you can create a discount coupon that is valid only for as long the countdown is counting down. When the countdown complete, the coupon automatically expires.

This can be a useful tool for leveraging the fear of missing out (FOMO) in your users.

Additionally, when the countdown is complete, you can choose to show or hide content on the page. You can also choose to redirect users to a different page.

Once a Smart Countdown is complete, a visitor revisiting the countdown page will see the countdown set to zero.

You can choose to allow a Smart Countdown to run again for your visitors. For example you could let it reset after a week or 30 days so a visitor has another chance to take a discount.

What can you use it for?

If you’re driving traffic to a product, a Smart Countdown block can be great for encouraging visitors to purchase now. It removes the option to put off a decision till later, as a discount is only available for a short time.

With higher price items, you will usually want to use a longer countdown period.

Things you need to know

This block counts down to a relative time based on when the visitor first arrived. If you need a countdown that counts down to a specific date and time, use the Countdown block.

This block places a cookie on visitors’ devices and uses this to identify if a visitor has already started a countdown. If a visitor clears their browser cookies, they can restart a Smart Countdown block.

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