What is it?

You can use Trigger blocks for several purposes. They can be styled as a button or text.

Trigger as a button
Trigger as text

Just a pop up to help demo the Trigger block

A Trigger can be used as a button, plain text or an image. There are examples of all three above, each of which open a demo pop up.

Triggers can be set as links to new pages, scroll to Anchor blocks, open a Pop Up, open a Reveal block or add a product to the cart and redirect to the checkout or any other page.

You can also link Triggers with styles and apply styles changes to one Trigger to all other Triggers with the same style.

What can you use it for?

Triggers will be used for just about any text or button that you want users to click to carry out an action.

Things you need to know

Most styling options affect all Trigger blocks that share a style. However, the Space Below control can be adjusted independently on each block.

You can set a range of sizes for a Trigger block and the sizes will then automatically adjust for different screen sizes.

Got a suggestion?

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