Video Gate

What is it?

The Video Gate block gives you a way to offer a lead magnet to collect email opt ins.

You can embed a video into your page and set a time for the video to pause and load an opt in form in front of the video. The video cannot be restarted until the opt in form is submitted.

This is just a dummy form that won’t collect your email address

What can you use it for?

The Video Gate could be a great way to create lead magnets if you do a lot of video.

Things you need to know

Currently the Video Gate won’t work with embedded opt in forms. This may or may not change in the future.

The Video Gate does not have any method of confirming a submitted email address is genuine. With normal lead magnets you can use double opt in to confirm an email address is genuine before providing them with the lead magnet.

While it would be feasible to implement a system that did confirm opt ins, this will not be added as it would be far too inconvenient for viewers.

You can use videos hosted on Vimeo and YouTube.

Got a suggestion?

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